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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Software |

Microsoft shows how the new start button (Video)

Microsoft shows how the new start button (Video)

If the new start button had appeared only glanced at the latest demonstrations of Windows 8.1 , now dedicated a portion of one of his lectures at Computex to explain in greater detail.

The button appears in the lower left corner, where we found the start menu normally, but instead of opening the menu, just go from the “modern style” to the traditional desktop. The button is held both in the “modern” version or Metro and on the desktop. It looks like a fairly simple feature, but it could help make more sense to live interface changes in Windows 8.

Microsoft release version “preview” of for Build on June 26 .

Link: Windows 8.1 Demonstrated Start button fully in new video (The Verge)

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