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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Software |

Microsoft strives to recruit application developers for Windows 8

Microsoft strives to recruit application developers for Windows 8

Yesterday released 8 Preview Release, and the launch included the release of a number of new in the Windows Store. According to Bloomberg, the Redmond company has been training more than 80 application developers since last September to work on Windows 8, and 12 weeks Start programs for college students, to train them in creating apps for Windows 8.

The company is also encouraging its own employees to build applications in their spare time, something normally not allowed. Microsoft has big plans for the store, and according to Bloomberg, expects to receive income from it for $ 58,000 million in 2014.

The problem so far is that the makers of popular applications have not joined the bandwagon. According to reports, Facebook for example has no plans to create an application for the new operating system, although Netflix does throw one. Twitter, Zynga and others still have not raised the issue.

While Windows was easy that companies create programs for it, being the dominant operating system, appear to be many skeptics who doubt as to whether to develop special applications for Metro.

Link: Microsoft Recruits designers in race for Windows apps (Bloomberg)

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