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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Companies |

Microsoft sued by the graphical interface design Modern UI

Microsoft sued by the graphical interface design Modern UI

As innovative and revolutionary Modern UI UI could not stay out of controversy. For this design, which gives life to the operating systems Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, among several other products delivery, has been accused of being a copy of a previous idea, which was patented in the United States since 2004 .

So SurfCast company, owns the patent number 6724403 , has sued Microsoft for using and encouraging the use of grids or animated Live Tiles, which display real-time information from various sources, which currently move Home screen in Windows operating systems.

Microsoft has its own patent registered for Live Tiles (number 7933632), but it was granted until April 2011, seven years after that achieved by SurfCast, this company also accusing the defendant had knowledge of records SurfCast since at least 2009, also pushing the development of Modern UI (ex-Metro) and the Live Tiles.

This new demand means little to the user: the process is in its infancy, and even if later it is found that Microsoft infringed the patent SurfCast surely both companies reach agreement extrajudicial where there will be enough money involved to fix the situation.

Link: Microsoft sued over Windows Live Tiles (CNET)