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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Featured, Gadgets, Reviews |

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance

Although has been much talk , few units have crossed the borders of the United States to take a look. Waiting for Build conference which begins tomorrow, I went to the store that has Microsoft in Bellevue, a few miles from its campus in Redmond, to see the new device.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 2

The place was quite public and the star of the show was the Surface (to $ 499). Multiple devices were installed on several tables, and people could try and play with them, surf the Internet, take photos, or consulting attendees circulating around the store with colored shirts “metro”.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 3

At first glance you notice that the Surface is very well built. It looks sturdy, well made with endings where everything fits well. The Surface includes a pedestal that closes and opens perfectly without any protruding parts or not snug where it needs to go.

The screen responds extremely well to the touch, but is very bright. In the store could disturb the reflection, so it may be a consideration if you want to use your computer to read, for example. By the way, this is a “prima facie”, and should be able to use the computer more time to corroborate how annoying it can be.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 4

The device weighs about 680 grams, and does not feel heavy at all. After closing the pedestal and put the cover / keyboard is compact as any tablet, to move in the bag.

On the sides, the Surface has a USB 2.0 port, microSD card slot, headphone, micro HDMI output, and volume controls. At the top there are the speakers and the button to turn on or off the team.


Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 5

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 6

Microsoft opted for a proprietary connector for charging the device. The connector is the one shown in the photo above, which fits well though, may cost a bit to put it in the corresponding hole. Beyond that, ideally, all tablets will use the same connectors and so we would save so many wires. But well, Samsung has its connector, Apple has its connector, and now Microsoft also has one owner.


Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 7

What you see above is what connects with Touch Screen Cover or Cover Type (which I will discuss in a moment). When I looked, I thought it might be a bit difficult to fit the two pieces as puzzle, but then went to the keyboard and screen TAC! joined virtually alone. The system uses very strong magnets, it is as if holding a good magnet to a refrigerator centimeter and will loose, and it will stick like instead of falling to the ground.

Anyway, the sound “tock” that appears in the official trade is not an invention. Really sounds like when you connect the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 8

In the picture you can see the two types of keyboards available for the Surface. The above is the “Touch Cover” (USD $ 120, sold separately) and the bottom one is the Type Cover (USD $ 130, separately). As seen with the naked eye, the bottom one has keys, while the above does not.

The Touch Cover recognizes your finger pressure on specific key, but if the edges are lightly marked button, it does not sink. This is a bit confusing to write. To succeed you have to press the correct letter we want, and sometimes go faster – as we used to write normally – the keyboard does not recognize what we wanted to tighten. This causes many errors in the text. This does not mean that is completely disposable Cover Touch – although not the most practical keyboard, it is better to write on the touch screen, where there is no notion of what letters are tightening if we look at the keyboard.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 9

On the other hand, Type Cover works better and is more convenient when writing. Yet it also takes some getting used to using it, since the keyboard feels a bit small and it is not uncommon to spend to bring the next letter.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 10

Both keyboards include a small trackpad and buttons. Again in Touch Cover is more rare to use that in Type Cover, especially the buttons, because they do not sink when you press. Using a trackpad should be reduced by the presence of the touchscreen, where the end is easier to lift out and slide it to where we want to go instead of moving the cursor over there. However it could be useful when you’re writing, our hands are glued to the keyboard, and is more comfortable moving the trackpad to raise his hands to the screen.

Microsoft Surface RT at a glance image 11

Surface is a device BELLO well capitalized. Many of the proposals of other manufacturers are rough beside the design that Microsoft has this device. However, doubts are not both the machine and its manufacturing quality, but in the software, which is known, is Windows RT . This version of Windows for ARM is more limited, and even has a desk, can not run older programs, and this area will only open apps software provided by Microsoft (such as Internet Explorer). Thus, its utility and functionality depend heavily on applications that are available on the computer.

The app store is still small relative to its competitors, but if Microsoft succeeds developers to build Windows apps that RT needs – or at least faster to get more popular apps – would become a good option. Meanwhile, many put their chips on the “pro” version of the device, due out in January and will integrate for x86 chips.

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