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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Hardware |

Microsoft Surface sales Tibias

Microsoft Surface sales Tibias

Are we all convinced that we are in the transition from a post-PC era as Steve Jobs predicted? Do not? Yes? Anyway, the data are the data, sales of PCs continue to fall according to market analysts, all in favor of tablets. We could be talking about that a tablet can do N things less than a PC, but the reality is that the PC market is smaller, while the larger tablets, this is the reality that faces the world of technology , so is focused on touchscreens and why Apple sells million iPads.

Microsoft’s first attempt in the world of tablets as we know it today is Surface, in two flavors, Windows RT RT Surface and with Windows 8 Pro So far so good, they are a great machine, especially Surface Pro which is possibly one of the best PC you can buy today, but seems it has failed to reach the level Surface is a successful product.

Bloomberg has estimated that Microsoft has sold about 1.5 million devices Surface. This figure is more than worrying. Around one million units estimated when two million and more than a 400,000 of Surface Pro. Yet given the limited availability of PCs and their prices, is now a product that has succeeded .

Microsoft has to worry about the few Surface sales, especially when unexpectedly, Google has managed to find its space with Chrome OS , though hard to believe. But looking closer than Chrome OS, Apple sold nearly 30 million iPads during Q4 achieving 51% of the tablet market. Although Microsoft partners with other manufacturers to create tablets, such as Samsung TIVA Tab 3 , format tablet with Windows 8 Pro that is closer to iPad format, but with the benefits of Windows 8.

The stigma of the first version

It has always been a unique stigma in some brands, for example, has always been said that Apple products, wait for the second version it is, because the first generation of a product always gives problems. Although I think it is more than questionable products depends, have passed this with Surface?

Actually there are so many variables to consider that it is virtually impossible to give a single reason.

  • First PC created by Microsoft.
  • Windows 8 is still not understood by most users.
  • Most people do not understand why there is Windows RT (I can not install my normal software?).
  • The price factor is still elementary.
  • Apple continues to impose the model as a factor in tablet iPad.
  • Few big names in software for the new Windows 8 interface (Facebook, Flipboard …).

Choose the one you want and then you can develop your own judgment to understand why Surface has failed to sell much. But choose the one you choose, I believe that Microsoft has not cared much product sales, if not know and have the experience of selling a product such as a PC and gain an understanding of the needs and characteristics that a tablet with Windows 8 must have. Sounds weird invest many millions of dollars on something like a first generation that might not be able to sell both, but you have to start somewhere and justify it as R & D.

Surface cheaper

Before the news of sales, Microsoft has begun by the U.S. a plan to reduce the price of Surface and Surface Pro RT for now prices are set in the North American market and will now know if a discount to other countries where it is sold.

  • Surface RT 32GB: USD $ 349.99 (current price $ 499)
  • Surface RT 64GB: USD $ 449.99 (current price $ 599 USD)
  • Surface Pro 32GB + Touch Cover: USD $ 449.99
  • Surface Pro 64GB + Touch Cover: USD $ 549.99

These deals are aimed at U.S. stores, but although nothing is official now, Microsoft is planning to offer the same discount in other countries, including Spain and Mexico.

Prices now Living in Mexico are USD $ 7,599 and USD $ 9,098 for Surface RT in 32 and 64 GB. Meanwhile in Spain Surface RT prices are € 479 and € 579 in the 32 and 64 GB. Surface Pro costs € 979 and € 879 in the 128GB and 64GB versions.


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