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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Gadgets |

Microsoft Surface turns the tablet into a skateboard

Microsoft Surface turns the tablet into a skateboard

You can use many advertising strategies to demonstrate the strength and quality of a product, however, seems to be “innovate” in this field. Because they wanted to go beyond the simple test of the device resistance dropping to the ground, and came up something better: put your tablet wheels, turning it into a skateboard, climbing on it to Windows group president Steven Sinofsky.

This character went a couple of images to his personal Twitter account , where you see the with the President on wheels and moving it under the phrase “I could not resist to take it out for a spin.” Of course, the device continued to function after the ride normalmetne, demonstrating the strength of the casing on your computer.

Recall that this or convertible already confirmed their prices for the version with RT, being possible to make an advance purchase of the product for release end the day of 26 October, coinciding with the official launch of Windows 8.

Link: Grinding It Out: See Steven Sinofsky Surface Turn Into a Skateboard (AllThingsD)

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