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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Hardware, Software |

Microsoft: This is not the “post-PC” as Apple says, is the “C+”

just invented a new term to the computers of the future: “PC +”. Kevin Turner, chief operating officer of the company, said that is wrong in his assertions about the end of PCs, something predicted by Steve Jobs two years ago.

“Apple got it wrong. Have talked about is the era, speak of the pc and the are different, the reality in our world is that we think that’s completely wrong, “the executive said, showing the pictures you see above.

According to Turner, this is the era of “PC +”, a Bill Gates predicted in 1999. “We believe that is the new era for the PC +. We believe that the touch of a button, you can move seamlessly in and out of both worlds. We believe you can have touch, a stylus, a mouse and keyboard. “

Turner said that “Windows reimagined change the game.” Windows 8 will be released in October, Microsoft has put his chips on this for the future of the company. Is the PC hybrid or “+” the future? Or will separate PCs and tablets?

Link: Microsoft: Apple has it wrong, it’s a PC + era (The Verge)

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