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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Companies |

Microsoft to spend U.S. $1,500 million in advertising to launch Windows 8

Microsoft to spend U.S. $ 1,500 million in advertising to launch Windows 8

(CC) Filip Skakun

has always launched the boat out when it Releases a new version of its flagship operating system Windows. For example, when 95 was launched the $200 million spent on the ad campaign, of which $10 million for the Rolling Stones were able to use the song ‘ Start Me Up ‘for six months.

According to Forbes magazine , Microsoft is willing to spend between U.S. $1,500 and U.S. $1,800 million in the Advertising campaign to promote the launch of Windows 8, which would almost triple what the Redmond company spent in promoting the launch of Windows Phone 7 for a couple of years ago.

The operating system will be available in stores on October 26, and according to U.S. media, the television should start this weekend, in conjunction with pre-orders of the first computers and tablets with Windows 8 and factory installed.

Perhaps this enormous figure will be because you will have to teach users how to use Windows.

Link: Microsoft Reportedly spending over $1 billion marketing blitz on Windows 8 (The Verge)

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