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Posted by on Sep 3, 2012 in Internet |

Microsoft updated its terms of service to integrate your content in their cloud

Microsoft updated its terms of service to integrate your content in their cloud

made changes to their terms of service , delivering information in a much more readable. This is a format that is appreciated, considering that these documents usually include a language difficult to understand where one ends simply pressing “accept” bypassing everything.

However, along with this change in shape is a privacy policy change and subtly entered the document. The company announced Friday that the new terms of service will start operating from October 19.

What is the change? Microsoft seems to be following a few steps from Google, allowing new contract through the company access and users can deploy content across all platforms in the cloud. Where the previous version of the terms that Microsoft agreed to allow user content “only to the extent necessary to deliver the service,” the terms now indicate that this content can be used “to provide, protect and improve Microsoft products and services “.

This means that Microsoft may share your information between different services. For example, the company could take content of emails and documents in SkyDrive or and use it to customize search results from Bing, among other things.

Perhaps most controversial is that Microsoft added a clause so that people can not file a lawsuit against the company. “If you and Microsoft do not resolve the dispute through informal negotiation or in court for small claims, all other efforts to resolve it will be carried out exclusively by binding arbitration procedure described in this section. You waive their right to litigate (or participate in litigation as a member of a group) by disputes in courts by judge or jury, “say the terms.

These clauses have been widely adopted by several companies lately. Microsoft itself had already entered the terms of use of the Xbox , and other companies like Steam and Sony have implemented similar measures.

Microsoft Service Agreement (Microsoft)
Updated Services Agreement Allows Microsoft to integrate content across cloud properties (The Verge)

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