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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

Microsoft wants to offer “tablets” of 80 inches with Windows 8

The vice president of Microsoft, l Frank Shaw, said his office has a 80 inch touchscreen tablet hung on the wall, Windows 8, and you no longer use your phone or notebook. He also said that devices like this will go on sale in the future. “It’s their whiteboard, your e-mail machine,” he said.

The panel is manufactured by Sharp, one that was shown at CES, but by another company, said Shaw. The idea is not to sell to ordinary consumers (at least not at launch), but will target companies. “There is something to consumers now, but we know that this is how all things begin. The idea that there should be a that is not a computer, we’ll laugh about it in two years, “he told Wired.

According to Shaw, every screen should be touch and have a computer that will allow them to be intelligent. “That way the world is headed, and those screens are big, small, the size of a wall and the desk,” he said.

Although is expected to be released later this year, no details of when it might be sold some 80 inches.

Link: Microsoft to offer 80-inch tablet for Windows 8 offices (Wired)

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