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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft will become a company of devices and services

Microsoft will become a company of devices and services

The convertible launch Surface , marked a change in the business model of we knew (software developer known for its Windows operating system and Office suite of office). Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, said that is just the beginning of the transition from Microsoft to a device and (Apple any similarity is purely coincidental).

Microsoft plans to release a larger number of devices (which are not yet revealed), to expand its market supply, and maximize every opportunity that comes their way, so I do not think a company considered strictly on software or hardware, but a company that provides software, and services in the cloud: “A company of devices and services.”

Perhaps Microsoft’s decision to respond to the constant changes in the market, where the traditional pc market that sustained the bulk of Microsoft’s business is decreasing, which initially forced to do the unthinkable: take off Windows and Office PC market for x86 (RT Windows for ARM) also enter the lucrative market for tablets, possibly in the future to enter unexplored markets by Microsoft such as smartphones, or perhaps based desktops ARM SmartTV, audio / video, among many other possibilities.

How well will the decision makers of desktop PCs, laptops and tablets, the current partners of Microsoft, is something that does not take much imagination to figure it out, just think back to what they think of Microsoft Surface current partners like Acer and HP .

Link: Microsoft CEO hints (again) That more hardware is on the way (ZDNet)

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