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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Internet |

Microsoft will launch its own news site

Microsoft will launch its own news site

After a 16-year alliance with the U.S. network news, announced that it will launch MSN News, portal with its own content and will be released at the launch of Windows 8, the 26th of October.

The separation was already confirmed last June, when NBC decided to buy out owned by Microsoft, for more than $300 million, arguing not conform to the control exercised by the Redmond about editorial content portal news.

Microsoft’s investment in its new portal would be around several million since it opened its own wording, based at its headquarters in Washington.

As reported by Bob Visse, general manager of MSN Product Management Group, the objective of this aggressive investment is to create a “good-sized media operation” to keep its customers by offering a choice of quality and value to their existing products.

The new MSN News news portal largely contain news sources such as Reuters, Associated Press and NBC, though, he added Visse, also have self-created content, no longer than 500 words.

Despite having a team of editors, the portal was an indexer news in agreement with NBC, but no original content.

Link: Microsoft to launch own news operation October 26 (Mashable)

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