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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Software |

Microsoft will reward you if you find security bugs in Windows 8.1

Microsoft will reward you if you find security bugs in Windows 8.1

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Google has done , Facebook also now the turn of Microsoft. The Redmond giant announced it will offer a substantial reward to those who find holes in your operating system and software.

announced a reward of $ 100,000 Bypass Mitigation known as Bounty for those who provide information on bugs that violate the security of , a free upgrade to Windows 8 will be available in a few weeks.

According to Microsoft, these faults will be super-hard to find since they require a new technique. Those that discover the fault and offer a solution other than to protect the system from future attacks, will each receive another check for $ 50,000, known as BlueHat Bonus for Defense.

Finally there is a reward of USD $ 11,000 for those who find exploits in Internet Explorer 11 Preview, the version of IE that is included in Windows 8.1. The idea is to identify before the browser is available to the public.

In the case of the first prize, the period to find flaws is already running. For the program will run for 30 days and begin on June 26, once the public beta is released.

For those who need more detailed information about the reports or what kind of errors are sought in each program, Microsoft published an entry in its Security Blog .

Link: Microsoft Security Bounty Programs (via Forbes)

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