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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Hardware News |

Microsoft Windows operating system RT-proof

Microsoft Windows operating system RT-proof

Today Microsoft released its new operating system Windows 8 and Windows RT , both although visually very similar, have profound differences , because unlike traditional approach to the x86 architecture, the new Windows RT receives with open arms based laptops on the architecture (tablets, smartbooks and notebooks).

From Anandtech bring us an extensive analysis, which explored many of the features and the look & feel of the new Windows system in convertible RT Microsoft Surface , and bring us some tests exploring the performance of the operating system and some of its embedded applications , some of which are published as follows:

Microsoft Windows operating system RT-proof image 2

Microsoft Windows operating system RT-proof image 3

The user interface Modern UI of the new Microsoft operating systems, provides a good user experience on tablets, thanks to its design focused on touch screens, and through it, Windows RT offers a consistent user experience (in this Device type), along and autonomy characteristics comparable to those of the IOS and Android OS, and even surpassing in some aspects such as multi-tasking capability.

We recommend reviewing the full Anadtech.

Link: The Windows RT Review (Anandtech)

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