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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Companies |

Microsoft wins a judgment to Motorola in Germany

Microsoft wins a judgment to Motorola in Germany

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A power play and demands takes a while to develop in Germany, after Motorola won a lawsuit against Microsoft that would allow him to ban the sale of Xbox and Windows 7 in Europe. The Redmond company did not remain with arms folded and sued Motorola, recently acquired by Google for infringing a patent covering interfaces to send messages between mobile phones.

With this, could force to change your messaging system to keep the patent in question, and even ban the sale of devices with this operating system in Europe. But beyond that, the result gives the company leverage to negotiate and that no longer file lawsuits against them .

Motorola said course will review the decision, which means that probably would appeal, while Microsoft were satisfied with the decision. “We hope that Motorola will join other device manufacturers and take leave of our patents,” the company said in a statement.

Microsoft has sued almost all equipment manufacturers to Android, but this is a particularly important victory because it hits directly (although the demand was aimed at Motorola).

Link: Microsoft legal win over Motorola may signal ceasefire (CNET)

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