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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Hardware News |

Microsoft would now copying the strategies of Google and Apple

Microsoft would now copying the strategies of Google and Apple

The CEO of has pushed Microsoft in a new massive reorganization process, whose main purpose is to ensure an increasing profit in the long run, especially as new products come on the road.

According to Al Hilwa, an analyst at International Data Group, Steve Ballmer, CEO of the Redmond giant, Microsoft is copying the strategies of and Apple. Indeed the two rivals longtime Microsoft have tried their internal divisions work more closely on a number of projects.

“Microsoft divisions realized they had to work more closely,” said Al Hilwa. “Apple and Google are less divided.”

With Steve Ballmer, Microsoft are now adopting a similar strategy. Ballmer also trying to move the entire company to the concept of managing devices and services as a whole, something to talk much lately.

As new devices are being manufactured hardware and storage services based in the cloud, Microsoft requires a substantial internal reorganization as an indispensable tool for adaptation and development. Hopefully this will translate into greater benefits for users, not only in higher profits for the company.

Link: Analyst: Microsoft Is Now Copying Google’s and Apple’s Strategies (


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