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Posted by on Oct 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Midway Announces SoC Calxeda: Cortex-A15 for low-power servers

Midway Announces SoC Calxeda: Cortex-A15 for low-power servers

known manufacturer of server solutions, and whose soc based on Cortex-A9 are succeeding in the market for low-power servers, now called micro-servers, a few days ago announced his future SoC Lagos , which in 2014 and will be based on the ARM core Atlas (ARMv8 to 64 bits).

Along with the announcement of Lagos, also informed us that they were working on a SoC based on ARM Cortex-A15, which finally reveal which is codenamed Midway, and will form its line of second-generation SoCs EnergyCore.

For now unknown specifications, we only know that it will be based on the ARM core 32-bit high-performance Cortex-A15, and possibly incorporate new technologies IP hardware memory consistency ARM CoreLink CCN-504 ( consistency of caches) and DMC-520 (consistency DRAM memory controller), as ARM revealed a few days ago .

From the few facts that we could deduce that future second SoC EnergyCore “Midway” will be comprised of four to eight-core Cortex-A15 (EnergyCore first generation consists of four Cortex-A9 cores) and will perform per cycle than double that of its predecessor.

Midway will debut next year, and Boston Calxeda Announces Limited, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Penguin as the first companies to launch new servers based on its second generation SoC EnergyCore.

Link: Calxeda’s second generation platform to run on Cortex-A15 (ITProPortal)

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