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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Companies |

Milestones Tim Cook after a year as CEO of Apple

Milestones Tim Cook after a year as CEO of Apple

It was a year since Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple Steve Jobs replacement , then seriously ill. His work has been highly reviewed and scrutinized, to the question of whether it could do well: Recall that when Jobs left in 1985, the company received bad things, and many feared that the same thing could happen under a new command.

However, Cook had to take on an interim command of the company for a long time while Jobs was sick, so I had some experience, and so far things seem to be going well. After 12 months, what can be drawn in clean Cook management?

  • The company is installed on a mountain of money: just a few days ago, the company reached a market value of USD $622,000 million , breaking records in the stock value. Although the stock had previously fallen in July for results slightly lower than expected, the titles remain strong.
  • He was the first CEO of in going to China: Conflict with Foxconn and working conditions was not ignored by the company, and Tim Cook embarked on a highly publicized trip to China , closing a deal then with the Fair Labour Association to audit factories and improve the working conditions of employees with higher wages and shorter hours. This episode was interpreted as more of Cook cares what Apple say that what mattered to his predecessor, proving that it is a sensitive guy.
  • A demand! Although Apple has a history of claims in a while, the first year of Cook has been marked by perhaps the most media to date: the lawsuit against Samsung . The signing of the Korean Apple accused of “copying” the design of their products, not only in America, but around the world . The Cook’s position is clear : “It’s important that Apple is not the developer for the world. We can not put all our energy, all our care and paint finish then you put another name, “he said. “We want people to develop their own things, and not being robbed.”
  • Advertising: Since taking has released some new ads for the company that have sparked some criticism in the United States. On the one hand, criticized the use of celebrities to promote products being too “standard”, while it was considered that the notices of the “geniuses” at the teams left Apple as difficult to use and requiring someone to explain to individuals.
  • Some details: They may seem like small things, but could be significant: Apple did not say that his teams had not viruses , and also participated for the first time at the Black Hat hacker conference , without good results, but it’s something.
  • Looking ahead: Maybe to bring her against Microsoft with Windows 8, Tim Cook said he does not believe in hybrid teams tablet / notebook. “You can converge toaster and refrigerator, but probably will not be those things pleasing to the user,” he said.
  • Products? A major question is what happens to the products now that the vision of Steve Jobs is no longer in the equation. We know we will not have hybrid As mentioned in the previous point, but rumors suggest a foray into the world of TV , an iPad Mini and the upcoming iPhone . But, you can repeat the milestones that were the iPod, iPhone and iPad? Still not clear to us.

Link: Apple: A good Cook (The Economist)

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