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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013 in Hardware News |

Military bomb deactivator designed robot with human-like hands

Military bomb deactivator designed robot with human-like hands

If you were afraid the Big Dog , 4-leg, or the creepy humanoid robot Petman , prepare to meet Robo Sally, one of the last robots, which has our vote to be considered as one of the creepiest robots that the has created, and that, despite his goal is to use it to defuse bombs. The fineness with which you move your fingers to gently hold an explosive surprise.

Designed by experts in robotics Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, is part of the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program, the DARPA, which seeks to design better prostheses for wounded soldiers in the field.

But these high-end prostheses have potential beyond the restoration of limb function of amputees, namely the EOD.

The specialists concluded robotic prosthetic hands that have already advanced to a point where they can replicate fine movements of which humans are capable.

Mounted on four wheels as a robo-centaur, Robo Sally has two cameras for eyes, his whole body has 42 degrees of self-control, 17 at each end, 3 in the neck, and 2 in the mobility platform.

Prosthetic arms are capable of holding 23 kilograms and 4.5 kilograms fingers to pinch (average grip strength of a man is 44.8kg, and a woman is 26.5kg).

A human pilot uses a variety of devices to direct their movements. A couple of exoskeletons in the hands of the operator, with sensors, allow you to control the movements of the hand of Sally simply moving his hands, while a viewer lets you not only see through the “eyes” of Sally, but also control the movements of his head.

The robot is guided in their movements, with a controller of type gamepad, joystick classic pressure sensor and controlled by the foot in shoes.

Unlike other robots like PackBot , Sally has stereo vision. The operator can see what she sees in 3D. It has motion tracking features that allow coordinated with the movements of the operator. Thus, members can fully simulate the movements of the operator.

Here the demo video.

If Sally can save lives, that’s very good, we support such initiatives, but on the other hand, we disapprove the use of robots for war murderers .

Link: DARPA bomb disposal bot have human-like hands (


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