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Ministries of Iran are disconnected from Internet security

Ministries of Iran are disconnected from Internet security

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Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Iran, announced that one of his first steps to create an international Internet called the ‘ Web Clean ‘by the Iranian government and have its own search engine called I-Haq Iran disconnected to all ministries and government bodies of the Internet the next September.

The country plans its national network of intranet is “immoral sites clean,” with which states that seeks to turn the threats from the outside, as the latest computers that left a nuclear power station playing the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC – an opportunity to create an internal network more quickly and safely.

“The Internet should not be owned by one or two specific countries,” said Taqipour, clearly referring to U.S. government and Israel, whom he criticizes for having a kind of ‘monopoly’ of the Internet .

A few months ago the international media reported that planned, to create this internal intranet, Internet and replace the ‘off’ to citizens around the world, as happens in North Korea where its citizens are completely cut off from the rest of the world. This information was denied by Taqipour at the time , but never explained, even to the Iranian media as FarsNews likely the government, whether this ‘Web Clean’ plans to cut the access of citizens to the Internet or if it would work in parallel.

That we will know in March 2013, date on which the Iranian government believes that its national network will be operating throughout the country. It should be noted that not everyone in Iran are so opposed to the Internet, where its highest spiritual leader (and according to the Constitution, the Supreme Leader) Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has a Twitter account and upload your photos to Instagram .

Link: Iran’s Ministries to go offline: phase one of society move to intranet (Wired UK)

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