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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Hardware News |

MIPS is acquired by ARM (patents) and Imagination Technologies (business)

MIPS is acquired by ARM (patents) and Imagination Technologies (business)

For several months it was rumored about the great interest of many companies in acquiring MIPS , and rumors end up being fulfilled today: Imagination is acquired by Technologies, acquired while a total of 498 patents.

ARM (via its consortium LLC) announces the of a total of 498 MIPS patents, which involve designs for microprocessors, SoCs and other technology-related fields, for a sum of U.S. $ 350 million, which contributed ARM with $ 167 million.

With this acquisition, ARM expects to maintain its pace of technological innovations in the design of SoCs, while also protecting the potential risks (claims) that may represent the MIPS portfolio for its consortium members.

The remaining patents (82) concerning microprocessor architectures, networking and industrial applications (embedded) from MIPS and MIPS operational business become the property of Imagination Technologies, in the amount of $ 60 million.

MIPS acquisition greatly benefit from ARM and Imagination Technologies, can be used as ARM MIPS technology patents in their own microprocessors, which in turn may be licensed to other manufacturers of microprocessors ARM ecosystem members, while Now you can develop your own MIPS-based microprocessors, and if you want to continue licensing their designs to current member companies MIPS ecosystem.

This also benefits because their Foundation, for ARM and Imagination Technologies are also members of HSA Foundation, so that in the future AMD may also begin the manufacture of MIPS CPUs HSA plus they also come to MIPS microprocessors expanding its installed base and consolidating its role as a standard multi-industry platform.

Link: MIPS Gives Way to the ARM Consortium; Imagination buys business, ARM gets patents (Rage3D)

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