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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

MIPS unveils its architecture APTIV

 ARM now has created a large ecosystem with many chip makers who base their products on the licenses of many members of his family of microprocessors Cortex, those covering various areas of the market as embedded systems (embedded / embedidos) and mainly show their wide domain in the lucrative smartphone industry, but ARM is not the only company that operates in a similar fashion and pursuing the same target market, one of which is the coveted MIPS , which announces its new micro-architecture APTIV.

APTIV is the new micro-architecture MIPS32 third generation, with which promises greater performance Cortex-A15 while offering lower power and lower cost of manufacture (MIPS says APTIV nucleus occupies half the area that a nucleus Cortex-A15).

APTIV promises a very competitive performance both in general and computer calculations of double-precision floating point, also has DSP units (Digital Signal Processing) and SIMD to which can be accessed from ASE 2.0 instruction set.

MIPS offers 3 very different families of microprocessors based on its micro-architecture APTIV:

proAptiv (competitor Cortex-A15 with up to 6 cores and frequencies up to 1.2GHz high-performance focused).

interAptiv (competitor of Cortex-R Series and Cortex-A5/A7/A9 with up to 4 cores and frequencies up to 1GHz).

microAptiv (competitor of Cortex-M Series with frequencies below 500MHz).

It is expected that microprocessors based on the micro-architecture APTIV make their appearance in the middle of this year, dates that will be there in terms of certain promises of MIPS.

Link: MIPS launches ARM Cortex-A15 competitor, Aptive (Hexus)

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