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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Gadgets |

Missing one of Tim Cook: Do not like hybrids tablet and notebook with Windows 8

Missing one of Tim Cook: Do not like hybrids tablet and notebook with Windows 8

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said everything in the framework of the conference D10. He referred to the phones , video games and nearly everything in general , without censorship. So much so, that was not afraid to attack the competition and the new niche of devices is emerging: the hybrid or convertible with Windows 8 .

Because when asked about this format that links the world of notebooks tablets, Cook said: “tablets and PCs are different. You can do things with the tablet without the legacy of the PCs, “showing his complete confidence in the autonomy of the tablets as devices with mobile operating system to do everything a person needs, without the need for Windows. The main problem he sees is that “if you mix the two, the PC is not as good as can be, nor the tablet.”

This comment comes in the wake of belief within to deliver a user experience neat and almost perfect for each device that launch, sharply defined product categories and specific use that people should give each one, so any mixture would distort the vision and the most important aspect that Apple added as an added value to their offering.

Do they think the same customers? The or come out of the sale anyway and see what philosophy is most pleasing to people.

Link: Apple CEO Tim Cook slams Windows 8 again (Neowin)

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