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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Software |

Miyamoto, Mario’s father, wins the Prince of Asturias

Miyamoto, Mario's father, wins the Prince of Asturias

Mario and Luigi must be jumping on one foot, and not to get coins and mushrooms crush evil: His father, Shigeru Miyamoto , has been awarded the Award for 2012.

The famous video game creator, maybe one of the most influential in the industry for the series Super Mario , Donkey Kong , The Legend of Zelda or Wii Fit, won the last vote of the jury, which selected the Japanese from the 21 nominations from 11 countries presented the award.

The jury in the 2012 in the category of “Communication and Humanities,” highlights the social contribution of in each of its creacines, and can be read verbatim:

“The Japanese is the main architect of the revolution of educational game, educational and constructive. Character designer and world-famous games are characterized by their creations exclude violence and innovate programs and formats that help exercise the mind in its many facets and are very valuable from an educational standpoint. “

And is that Miyamoto has designed over a hundred games, some of which have become classics, why from the Prince of Asturias Foundation has earned him the award, holding that:

“Thanks to these creations of the game has managed to make a social revolution and has managed to popularize it among a group of people who had not yet agreed to this kind of entertainment, making your time can be a means to unite people regardless of sex, age or social or cultural. Shigeru Miyamoto games raises an element of family and social integration, an experience that can be shared by all, to help express emotions and get to move the player. “

Upon learning of Miyamoto has stated, as read on the Web Nintendo Spain, welcomed the award, and a greater commitment to getting better game:

“In the future, continue to strive for that video games are capable of consistently providing fun and joy to people of all generations and around the world.”

Besides the honor involved, the Prince of Asturias is endowed with fifty thousand Euros, a commissioned sculpture donated by Joan Miró, a diploma and a badge Competition.

Definitely a great recognition for the course of this great personality in the world of video games, and an excellent recognition of the power of these as a tool for education and family integration, is not it?

- Shigeru Miyamoto, Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities (FPA)
- Miyamoto thanked by the Prince of Asturias Award (NINTENDO)

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