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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Hardware News |

Modern UI: The new name for Windows 8 Metro

Modern UI: Metro The new name for Windows 8

A few days ago we learned that due to brand with some of partners, it was forced to leave their name Metro promoted new user of your operating system 8.

From The Verge report that very imaginatively, Microsoft changed its name to Modern UI, which could translate as “modern user interface”, the new name will be used to refer to the new model for application development compatible with the new Windows user interface, before and now Metro Modern UI Design, the new name is also used to refer to the new start menu tiles based on “Modern UI Style”.

The new name is not official, but is the name Microsoft handled internally, so it is likely to remain a few days to the release of the RTM version of Windows 8 , you may end up being the final.

Link: Microsoft now using ‘Modern UI Style’ to Refer to Windows 8 ‘Metro Style’ apps (The Verge)

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