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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Hardware News |

Modifies a laser pointer and transforms it into “laser sword” with real power

Among hardware enthusiasts, apart from traditional to have out of the ordinary, such as overclockers, robotics enthusiasts, creators of gadgets, etc..

Apart from the industrial, medical and unfortunately, also war, we all know that is used heavily in hardware. The best known are our readers / recorders and CD players, and of course, laser printers. The laser light to be very dense, allowing the transmission of large amounts of data.

A laser fan has found a way to transform a harmless green laser in a real high power laser capable of burning materials. This dispositivom obviously be dangerous in the hands of children, to play Star Wars.

A laser is a device that uses an effect based on quantum mechanics, to generate a coherent light beam, ie the size, shape and purity control. In the following video explains very short and simple, the principle of operation of the laser beam.

There are different types of lasers depending on the technology used, the most common laser diode.

Depending on the power of the light wave and dangerousness, lasers are classified as:

  • Class 1: up to 0.39 μW.
  • Class 2: 0.39 μW to 1 mW.
  • Classe 3A: 1 to 5 mW.
  • Classe 3B: 5 to 500 mW.
  • Class 4: More than 500 mW.

In the U.S. it is legal to purchase up to Class 3A laser devices. In France, only to Class 2. The Class 3B and 4, have high power.

Our friend (Calling itself Styropyro), uses a laser pointer Class 3A green light to make his “Laser Sword” blue light 3B class.

In the following video Styropyro us a demonstration of the power of his “lightsaber”.

Styropyro or also called “The DIY Laser Guy”, explained in a tutorial on your web page , how to convert a harmless green laser into a burning laser.

The “type of lasers” says this only American citizens can do it, they can legally acquire the green laser. DIY also states that make this laser is legal, provided it is for personal use and not for sale. The same states on its page does not sell it lasers.

Link: DIY lightsaber is almost as dangerous as an actual lightsaber (


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