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Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Hardware News |

More CPUs Intel Haswell launch during 2014

More CPUs Intel Haswell launch during 2014

As mentioned a few months ago with the launch of microprocessors Core fourth generation “Haswell” came the final scheme launches Tick Tock style .

The new microprocessors based on microarchitecture represents the expected Tock (new micro-architecture + the manufacturing process of the previous year), and was supposed to be replaced next year by Broadwell, they represent a new architecture-Tick (micro- refined architecture + new manufacturing process), but for next year we will have more microprocessors based on Haswell, Broadwell while perhaps be postponed or even could have been canceled.

Microprocessors for desktop LGA 1150
For next year, Intel plans to launch new microprocessors with TDPs of 35 to 95W, which will use the new Intel chipsets 9 Series. These chips have a higher frequency of operation, and it is even possible that Intel’s integrated graphics dowry GT3 (currently, only present-H Haswell and Haswell-ULT for ultrabooks and PCs All-in-One).

As for the business line of microprocessors, Intel chipsets keep B8 Series “Lynx Point”.

Microprocessors for desktop high-end socket LGA 2011-3
By the end of next year is expected the new Extreme microprocessors fourth “Haswell-E”, which will use the new socket LGA 2011-3 and also new X99 chipset. Still unknown characteristics of these new chipsets.

Microprocessors for Desktops economic
Early next year we will have the announced new Pentium and Celeron Valleyview based SoC (the same used in the Bay Trail platform for tablets), SoCs that are soldered to the motherboard, being impossible upgrade.

Link: Long live Haswell: With Broadwell only in 2015, a midterm refresh is on the cards (VR-Zone)


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