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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Hardware News |

More details emerge Broadwell, Haswell successor (to be successor Ivy Bridge)

More details emerge Broadwell, Haswell successor (to be successor Ivy Bridge)

Slide leaked revealing some changes in Broadwell.

Currently we are in the generation of microprocessors Ivy Bridge, waiting just around the corner Haswell, which has not been released yet. However, information is already appearing on the next litter, codenamed and will bring considerable changes as we know today, with new data that run counter to what we got in previous days , so it is worth looking at them.

First, we knew that in Broadwell begin to use the socket (Ball Grid Array), whose contacts are soldered to the motherboard, so you should be destined only for notebooks and laptops, but if this technology comes to the mainboards desk, they would be sold with an Intel integrated, which will be a major problem for users who like to share their pieces.

Furthermore, new information indicates that the implementation of BGA allow Broadwell is designed more as a System-On-Chip (SoC) that will integrate under a single to the cores of the CPU, the GPU and the PCH in the same package, much like as do AMD APU. Moreover, by the side of the CPU is said that Intel is planning to reduce the number of general purpose processors, perhaps eliminating them completely in Broadwell.

When? Broadwell’s launch is planned for 2014, so much time remaining to Intel to make the appropriate changes as it develops the market and us much longer to keep speculating on this new architecture.

Link: Intel CPU and GPU Broadwell Fuses on 14nm Architecture (Softpedia)

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