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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

More details emerge Richland future AMD APU

More details emerge Richland future AMD APU

For several months we are getting some information about a mysterious codenamed , APU that is not on the release schedule (roadmap) that AMD published in February this year .

The calendar for 2013 AMD have the APU Kaveri (four cores Steamroller and IGP “GCN” with 512 shader processors), Kabini (four cores Jaguar and a IGP) and Temash SoC (similar to Kabini, but with different and Southbridge integrated IGP) then what is the APU Richland?

The APU Richland would become similar to a new APU Kaveri, but more economical to produce, ie unlike current APUs AMD microprocessor and where the chips with some damaged units (x86 cores, cache sections, or shader processors IGP) are sold as cut and cheaper versions, AMD will have a production schedule similar to Intel, producing chip variants adapted to different market segments .

While Kaveri will consist of two modules (four integer processing cores) and comprises two IGP GCN Compute Units (each with 256 shader processors); Richaland will consist of only one module Steamroller (two integer processing units ) and IGP GCN Compute Unit with a reorganized, which has 192 shader processors, and is very similar to Compute Units that make up the Cape Verde and Pitcairn GPUs.

With this we have to Kaveri could come in versions with four or two x86 cores, accompanied by an IGP with 512, 448, 384, 320 or 256 shader processors, while Richland will be available in versions with two x86 cores and IGP with 192 or 128 shader processors, and DIE size well below Kaveri therefore be very economical to produce.

This diversification in the production line of the APU AMD could be an indication that the manufacturing process of 28nm Global Foundries must be fairly mature, so that the yield per wafer (chips per wafer perfectly functional) must be quite high.

The Richland APU models will be sold under A6 (probably A6-6000 Series, which will have an IGP with 192 shaders) and A4 (A4-6000 Series, which will have an IGP with 128 shaders), while Kaveri will be aimed at A10 and A8 APU higher power.

Link: AMD Dual-Core 28nm Prepares Richland (Softpedia)

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