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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Hardware News |

More evidence of AMD APU Series A-2 nd generation “Trinity” to desktop

A few weeks ago those of Tom’s Hardware did some tests to three APUs AMD A-Series second generation “Trinity” OEM , tests that complement today pitting them against an A8-3870K “Llano” and CPUs Intel i3 -2100 and Core i3-2105.

The test equipment used are based on ASRock motherboards FM2A75 Pro4 (FM2 Socket, chipset AMD A75) and A75 ASRock Extreme6 (FM1 Socket, chipset AMD A75). Without further ado here are some of the test:

As in the previous review, we find that offers a significant improvement in floating point unit, which we can finally say that competes against Intel microprocessors, as well as Core i3 Trinity have two floating point units , although it is noteworthy that some applications that make heavy use of floating point unit benefit from the 4 floating point units offered by the Llano APU A8 Series, where the latter still exceed both Core i3 as Trinity.

The whole processing is another area where improvements were found, and to allow Trinity imposed in most of the test. In terms of graphics performance, no wonder, because that is the point where AMD stands out.

We recommend reading the full review at Tom’s Hardware.

Link: AMD Desktop Trinity Update: Now With Core i3 And A8-3870K (Tom’s Hardware)

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