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Posted by on Sep 23, 2012 in Internet |

More than 124 million legal music downloads via BitTorrent, only in 2012

More than 124 million legal music downloads via BitTorrent, only in 2012

Musicmetric is a company that is dedicated to tracking the industry around the globe, in terms of popularity of artists and consumer behavior. And this week, have launched an interesting statistic about the music that is downloaded via BitTorrent.

But this time, it is content to “other”: of the 405 million music downloads in the first half of the year, over 124 million are completely legal content. And those numbers include only those seeds (seeds) of own, but the number should be much larger if you take all that “seedea” a particular file.

In BitTorrent believe that the initiative to promote artists through their service has been a success, mainly because there are many who want to work collaboratively with BitTorrent, somehow understanding the scope that can have this distribution model . As they themselves say about their numbers : “If this is what a company can do only with BitTorrent technology, imagine what would be possible in an entire industry.”

Of course, that happens it will be very difficult while at the head of large conglomerates follow the same dinosaur unwilling to understand the change that has taken place during the last period. But efforts like this in BitTorrent can be more than just a starting point, as NOFX sing more than a decade ago, “the dinosaur die”.

Link: Too Legit To Quit: 124.2m BitTorrent Legal Music Downloads in 2012 (TorrentFreak)

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