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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Software |

Most users prefer Windows 8 “the seven”

More than 50,000 users of 8, present at a specialized forum on the subject, have thought about their experience with the new operating system, which is currently in a testing phase where you can use for free until its official launch coming October 26th .

Most surprising is that 53% of respondents prefer ensures on the new version, while only 25% said they preferred Windows 8, mainly due to the short time in which the system starts up and shuts down. In addition, 50% of people liked the easy installation, while the browser Internet Explorer 10 was a 35% positive feedback. On the side not so friendly, the new user interface Modern UI was not as popular, with only 22% sure that he liked.

These figures are quite alarming because besides being bad for themselves, reflect the thinking of a curious and friendly people with technology as the platform yet goes on sale to the general public around the world, where the risk of displeasing the changes may be even greater.

Link: Windows 8 users prefer Windows 7 (Fudzilla)

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