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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Hardware News |

Motherboard manufacturers present their views on Haswell

Motherboard manufacturers present their views on Haswell

We know that by the middle of next year will release its fourth-generation Core microprocessors “Haswell-DT” based on the Haswell microarchitecture also compatible with the new socket LGA 1150; these microprocessors integrate a voltage regulator on-die , which has raised some concerns among both overclockers like the manufacturers.

As we report from Digitimes, many motherboard manufacturers are concerned about the continuing integration of an increasing number of features in the microprocessor, as this removes some of the technologies that many motherboard manufacturers use for different products in different ranges targeting different segments, and even to differentiate other motherboard manufacturers.

Digitimes presumed that even some motherboard manufacturers would go out of business because they would only focus on features like Thunderbolt, present in the BIOS options and extras as part of software bundle. Other manufacturers are more optimistic, believing unlikely to destroy industry pursues Intel motherboards.

Although Digitimes not mention anything about it, I might add that the (Fully Regulator Voltege) integrated in a way eliminate differences in the ability to overclock between different brands of motherboards in the industry, which would be very good news for low-budget overclockers, as even inexpensive brands motherboards might have similar capabilities overclock that much more expensive models.

Link: Intel Haswell processor motherboard design may cause players to exit market (Digitimes)

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