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Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Hardware |

Mousebook MSI has a trackpad mouse becomes

Mousebook MSI has a trackpad mouse becomes

(C) Engadget

is showing an interesting concept at , which has to do with large screen resolutions and devices that transform into tablets, but something quite practical: the mouse.

The Mousebook, as he named the company, is a laptop trackpad which can be removed from the computer and then used like an ordinary mouse. To remove the computer there is a switch, and once removed, is connected via Bluetooth to the machine. When I come back to save the battery is recharged within the laptop.

To get the trackpad is not a hole in the team, but it appears a flat surface that covers the space. The idea is interesting, but would have to see if it reaches the market or stay on the ground of the prototypes.

Link: MSI’s Mousebook Whose laptop is a trackpad doubles as a standalone mouse (Engadget)

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