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Posted by on Jun 3, 2012 in Internet | is by far the most colorful movies search engine on the web is by far the most colorful movies search engine on the web

could be a place as any in the lot there where are distributed, either legally as well as the other way. But things change when you enter the page and see that its visual design stands out above the rest, even competing at the level of any dealer.

And the presentation is very striking. Find any movie in, in addition to returning results in a magnet link, also displays a special page for the name in question, with a background that is usually a promotional officer, and also the rating of the film straight out from Anything else? Yes, you can create playlists to feature not forget that we want to see later today or tomorrow.

Its creators say that the purpose of this is to create “a place for fans of movies made by movie fans,” and nothing more. One of the great advantages it has over other similar sites is precisely that they do not host files on your server or or anything like that, so theoretically difficult legal action of any organism that is in any threat to your business (albeit in fits and demands have been known before).

One of the big advantages is that it combines easily and naturally a database of movie giant, a search engine for torrents, and all mounted on a simple interface and nice. “Technology should be simple, and help humanity. Distribute content is difficult, not because we do not have the technology, but for purely legal. “

Its creators also add that in an age like the present, BitTorrent could be one of the best and most efficient methods of distribution, due to the nature of the network ditto. For now, is a good example of what can be done in design, since it must be by far one of the most colorful movie sites out there, far above the average of the common torrents deliverers . Take a eye.

Link: Reinvents Movie Torrents, With Style

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