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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Internet, Software |

Movistar launches “App Store” for Windows and Mac in Spain

The application market is increasingly popular among manufacturers, and now even the phone companies want to join the party of the apps: So no wonder at all the decision launched its own “App “for computers in Spain.

It’s called “mstore PC” and offers a catalog of (free and paid) for all Internet users, whether or not customers of Movistar: Antivirus, Education, Management and Finance, Languages, Multimedia, Music, Leisure, and Home, Office Automation, Web Programming, Security, Utilities, and Casual Games are some of the categories include store the Spanish operator.

Important: Mstore pc offers programs and games for both Windows and In addition to the catalog sections that I mentioned earlier, in the platform highlights the most downloaded products and the most votes, whether free or paid, in a section of “Tops”.

In my view a good strategy to diversify the operator product offerings failure to restrict access to single platform to its users … On the other hand, it is never an option to purchase more applications or games for your PC at a competitive price, because as they are in launch promotions, offer attractive discounts in the catalog. The more options we have to compare and choose the better.

Link: mstore PC

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