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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Software |

Mozilla developer says that updates faster “killed the reputation” of Firefox

Jono DiCarlo, one of the developers said the decision to implement rapid updates is killing the browser. According to DiCarlo, Firefox attempts to go along with Google Chrome not only made the browser more complex to use, but has also helped drive people to switch to Chrome.

“Ironically, by implementing quick updates so poor, we made Firefox look like a lower version of Chrome. And by launching an endless series of upgrades to people who wanted them, we urge those people to go to Chrome, exactly what we were trying to avoid,DiCarlo said in his blog .

The problem is not necessarily the updates themselves (security enhancements, bug fixes and other necessary), but the way Mozilla implemented, opening messages that interrupt the navigation, breaking extension and causing frustration among users .

“Whatever we wanted the brand meant, Firefox is now firmly associated in the minds of people as’ that breaks all of my browser updates that nobody wants,” he says.

DiCarlo also argues against interface designers, claiming that the updates are constantly made changes that frustrate users (because they lose things). “After years of aspiring to improve the usability of software, I have concluded that the best thing companies can do to improve usability is to stop changing the user interface so often! Let her stable long enough to learn and that we become good by using it. There is a better interface that you already know, and no worse than you thought you knew but you have to relearn, “he said.

DiCarlo’s post has caused a stir among developers, although it is unclear whether Mozilla will take any steps to try to repair the problems mentioned by the developer. Do you use Firefox, or you changed because of these problems?

Link: Everybody hates Firefox updates (Evil Brain Jono’s Natural log)

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