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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Software |

Mozilla Firefox prepares major redesign

Mozilla Firefox prepares major redesign

has been thinking about how it should be the of the future, for which he created the project Australis, which seeks to adapt to the software. The advanced developments in this project will begin to be seen in October, when version 25 of the browser has a stable release. Recall that recently launched version 21 .

Those who are adventurous can try the trial version that exists now with Australis in UX Nightly channel , reviewed here.

Mozilla Firefox prepares major redesign image 2

At first glance, the changes it brings to the Australis make look like Chrome a bit more, to simplify a bit the and make it simpler. Adopt rounded tabs, and add an icon with a menu on the right side of the window, along with icons downloads, homepage and bookmarks. Maintain special box for searching, separated from the bar to the URL.

Mozilla Firefox prepares major redesign image 3

The menu offers cut / paste, resize web view, view the history, start private browsing, go to settings and others.

Unlike Chrome, when you open many windows tabs do not shrink until you can not see the icons of each, but set a minimum width for the tab, and then added a scroll to see you reached the maximum than fit on the screen.

Also added a possibility to customize the browser, trying to ease the current options. By clicking on the “customize” menu, opens an interface drag-and-drop to change the order of buttons, inserting or removing icons, etc..

Australis integrated changes will appear in the rapid update cycle built for Firefox, so it will not all at once, but in stages.

What do you think of the changes?

Link: Mozilla Firefox readies major redesign as it ponders what the browser of the future Should look like (TechCrunch)

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