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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Internet |

Mozilla, Google and Flickr will be translated to the Maya

Mozilla, Google and Flickr will be translated to the Maya

Is 2012 the year of the Maya and the end of the world And Google, and launched a ” translathon “(marathon of translation) that will last for today to bring the Mayan Language Internet platforms. The aim is to translate 500 articles for Wikipedia, the functions of Firefox and Wikipedia, and assist in the project to protect endangered languages Google .

The Translathon is being held in Merida, Mexico, where according to official figures, about 790,000 people speak Maya. The work is in charge of some 20 native speakers who took courses standardization of at the National Institute of Indian Languages. For the curious, looks like the Maya .

The software native languages presents several problems because there are things that in some languages can not be said. For these cases, translators choose any expression that most closely matches the meaning you are looking for. Mozilla is not immune to these problems, considering that since 2011 has initiated projects to translate Firefox into Zapotec, Purepecha and Wirrarika in Mexico, and hopes to make another Nahuatl translathon before year end.

Link: Wikimedia, Mozilla and Google translate their platforms to the Mayan language (CNNMexico)

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