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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Internet |

MPAA agrees to return legal files MegaUpload users, with conditions

MPAA agrees to return legal files MegaUpload users, with conditions

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), one of the plaintiffs in the case of , agrees to restore the files that are legal users of the service, provided that illegal files are not released in the process.

At this point, all files hosted on MegaUpload is frozen during the pendency of the trial in the United States against Kim Dotcom, whether it is pirated or legitimate.

The sayings of the come in response to a guy named Kyle Goodwin, who had stored videos that he had made of sporting events in your area. It also had the videos backed by physical hard disk, but the disc broke a few days before the police confiscated goods MegaUpload in January , losing the data.

Goodwin sent a query through the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to which the MPAA responded with a brief statement saying that “understands” that stored the users’ created or acquired legitimately “MegaUpload’s servers. However, if the court decides to return the data to legal owners, the MPAA said that the mechanism used should include security systems to ensure that illegal material is not accessible. There is a solution to achieve this monitoring, and stresses that under no circumstances should people MegaUpload access servers, leaving the question of who exactly would do this then.

The conditions of the MPAA will make it difficult to return the data.

Link: The MPAA would be OK seeing legit Megaupload files restored (ArsTechnica)

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