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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

MSI ensures a good overclock with OC Certified brand

MSI ensures a good overclock with OC Certified brand

This is not a specific product, but a brand. Because the idea is to provide a “seal of approval” that ensures that all products bearing, meet certain quality standards through testing completed very demanding. This is the case of the label “Certified OC” also called “MPower Z77″ which will be in the future and tell you that that particular model is fully prepared for overclocking.

Thus, joins other brands such as Military Class III, but reaching even beyond that standard. Because in addition to the tests that must pass a mobo for Certified OC goes a step further certifies that the product is used for extreme overclocking, even in environments that are not optimal for the activity.

For example, an improved cooling capacity on certain elements of the plate, allowing it to maintain a stable, overclocked and a room temperature of 30° C, with MSI saying that in the same scenario took an Intel Core i7 up to 4.6GHz for 24 consecutive hours running Prime95 application.

So pay attention to the plates bearing the OC MSI Certified printed on its packaging, and this is another interesting aspect to look at when buying a new product, perhaps with some stakeholders in seeking it among so many channel letter stamped on the boxes.

Link: OC Certified, MSI’s New Motherboard Brand (Softpedia)

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