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Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in Entertainment |

Multimedia services would be key in the upcoming video game consoles

Multimedia services would be key in the upcoming video game consoles

For many years, game served well for what they were designed, however with the advent of internet and the launch of new services, companies like Microsoft or Sony decided to turn them into multimedia centers that seek to be the entertainment hub of your home.

The next generation is just around the corner and will be later this year when we can make us of a One Xbox or PlayStation 4, both with a services strategy very similar to what we have today. The truth is that not many users are reluctant to adopt these policies and with good reason: the permanent connection or poor services offered in Latin America are still grounds for rejection.

One of the key players in the industry and declare that by most hated they are, these services will be key to market growth. CEO, Yves Guillemot, believes there is a great advantage to attract new users through the services.

Multimedia services would be key in the upcoming video game consoles image 2

will continue to pursue entertainment

Because these consoles take several elements surrounding devices, such as smartphones, PC or even social networks like Facebook , you can create more immersive experiences. In an interview with website CVG , Guillemot stated that the fact that consoles are available for all age groups can help increase the share of users playing.

“If we find a way to increase market penetration through the other features, we know that later (the players) buy games. It may be good for the industry to have teams that are wide enough, as it gives us an opportunity to invest money to exploit all its capabilities “

According to the CEO of Ubi, the PS2 managed to convert users who only used it to watch DVDs. Perhaps the PlayStation 3 did similar work to those who bought it just to play Blu-ray or have Netflix . Although I think what is most Guillemot forget to include new services, these should be available in other regions, not just the United States.

Currently the Xbox 360 offers services such as ESPN, NFL, Hulu or HBO in that country, while in Mexico there are options like Televisa, TV Azteca who simply do not have as compete. The support in other countries better not talk, there are services that are simply not available.

Link: Interview: Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot (via GamesIndustry )

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