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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Science |

Nanoparticles designed to produce steam without boiling water

Nanoparticles designed to produce steam without boiling water

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as an energy source, has been known for centuries, when Greek Heron of Alexandria designed the first prototype of this state machine driven by water.

He was also the main protagonist of the first industrial revolution, with which humanity quickly jumped to a technological level that would have seemed impossible in the age of the blood drive.

At present, water vapor forms part of domestic and industrial processes. Industries is used for manufacturing or conversion of some products and processes such as power generation, water purification, distillation of alcohol and sterilization of medical qeuipamiento.

But this use requires large amounts of energy to heat and boil water or other liquid to generate the necessary steam.

This may become ancient history as a group of scientists from Rice University, USA, achieved through the use of engineered to absorb light to be suspended in the water, turning water into molecules in a short less than 10 seconds.

This discovery could dramatically reduce both the costs and the time required for processes that use water in this state, and thermal power generation.

As reported, nanoparticles side to attract water molecules, that the catch, undergo rapid conversion process. This is because the researchers used a Fresnel lens to focus sunlight into a small tube of water with high concentrations of nanoparticles suspended in the fluid.

The cold water was freezing almost began to generate steam in an estimated time of between 5 and 20 seconds. This process of changing temperature, pressure and mass revealed that 82% of the sunlight absorbed by the nanoparticles were responsible for generating steam, while the remaining 18% heated water.

The Director of the Laboratory for Nanophotonics at Rice, Naomi Halas said the process “is a new way of producing steam without boiling, something interesting will open many doors on the use of water vapor.”

Even up domestic habits could change as even sea water could be purified with a steam machine that uses this type of process.

Although in the study experience nanoparticle scientists have Rice allowing them to make nanoparticles used in this project quickly raise the temperature above 100 degrees Celsius, the precise manner in which the particles and water molecules interact remains a mystery.

Link: Nanoparticles that produce steam without boiling water (technologyreview)

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