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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Science |

NASA and Google internet want to work in space, and almost achievers

NASA and Google internet want to work in space, and almost achievers

A month ago, an astronaut on the International Station (ISS) was using an interplanetary connection to send commands to a Lego robot on Earth. This technology experiment, called Disruption Tolerant Networking (disruption tolerant networks – DTN), could be the future means of communication between Earth and spacecraft, or even a colony on Mars.

The DTN project led by and Google vice president, (who designed the initial draft a decade ago) ended this week with a high level of success in tests

The first step of this project was in November 2008, when NASA successfully transmitted over the network, images and from a spacecraft located at a distance of 32,186,880 miles.

In the video the post, you can see Cerf saying that “the methods we use in Internet land not stop working when we interplanetary distances. After some work, we realized that we had to design a new set of communication protocols. “

The DTN is similar to internet used on Earth, but is much more tolerant of delays and interruptions occurred when information is being sent between planets, satellites, space stations and spacecraft distant. Delays can be caused by solar storms or interruptions when spaceships are behind a planet.

Link: NASA and Google chief test-launch and Internet That Works in space (fastcodesign)

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