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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Science |

NASA gives hints of organic compounds on Mars

NASA gives hints of organic compounds on Mars

Then came the December 3, date promised to the announcement about the latest discovery robot, ship is studying soil samples on Mars and that as one of the researchers behind the project , had found something that “would go to the history books.”

Against this, the space agency lowered the profile of those statements , saying that it would not be seen as revealing as people waited days ago. Finally, with the above date, the information appeared that they would have found organic molecules in red soil , which has been confirmed today (halfway) as successful.

In its first analysis of Martian soil, the perchlorate salts detected Curiosity and simple compounds, but the team of scientists in charge of the tests could not determine if the carbon in these materials is typical of Mars, or not.

The official announcement said that they found carbon-based materials, as well as chlorine and oxygen, however, this does not indicate that there is life on Mars, since carbon is just one of the elements necessary for life to flourish as the know it on Earth. Furthermore, the particles found could well have come from Earth, carried by the same ship from our planet, yet unconfirmed information by 100% and could be clarified during the two remaining years of the current Mars mission.

Determine if the carbon is terrestrial or Martian will be the next step. Although the material has not been carried by the spacecraft from Earth, will have to make a lengthy investigation to determine how he came down from Mars, as it could have been transported in meteorites or comets, that commonly carry complex organic compounds. And if the materials originated on Mars, it will take time to determine if they correspond to a trail left by living things of the past.

Link: NASA Mars Rover First Fully Analyzes Soil Samples (NASA)

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