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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Science |

NASA hopes the Orion capsule could carry humans to Mars

NASA hopes the Orion capsule could carry humans to Mars

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The capsule is the next generation of spacecraft that bet, which should put its first test to go into in 2014. The unit arrived this week at Cape Canaveral, where it will end being built by Lockheed Martin .

The capsule was originally part of the Constellation program that sought to return to the moon, which was canceled in 2010 , leaving the ship without a plan to participate at that time. However, the work went ahead and NASA says Orion will only go only to the moon. It could even Mars. “The arrival of Orion at Kennedy (Space Center) is an important step to achieve the president’s goals of sending humans to an in 2025 and in the 2030s,” said Lori Garver, NASA deputy administrator.

However, these plans need funding that is not guaranteed.

Orion has room for six astronauts, can be reused 10 times, and the first tests shall be performed in 2014. In 2017, NASA hopes to launch Orion on a special called Space Launch Rocket System, designed to send the spacecraft into deep space.

According to NASA’s speech, now in charge of carrying private cargo and astronauts to the ISS , can focus on the following challenges to go further.

Link: New Orion spaceship Could serve as ride to Mars (The Bunsen Burner)

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