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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Science |

NASA presents the exoskeleton X1

NASA presents the exoskeleton X1

are not exactly something new in the field of robotics, in fact, currently there are several countries that have come out with their own versions of curious invention for use in different applications, although its use remains most notorious restoring mobility to People suffering paralysis. Despite this, embedded projects in this area always manage to capture the attention, leaving room for one more.

NASA, in conjunction with the Institute of Human Cognition and machines located in Florida, presented the X1, an exoskeleton that weighs about 18 kilograms and has 10 degrees of freedom of movement, composed of four and six passive motorized joints.

The project, which is still in the experimental stage, is originally intended to exercise the astronauts in weightlessness, thus avoiding the loss of volume in the muscles and preventing future limb atrophy. The movements can be monitored continuously with the help of special equipment, which would help maintain control and order on physical activity routines.

“NASA is examining the potential of the X1 as an exercise device to improve the health of the crew on the space station or extended trips aimed at asteroids or Mars. The X1 can mimic common staff exercises, which are essential for maintaining health in zero gravity conditions, “the administration.

Furthermore, it was also mentioned that there is a dual role for X1 exoskeleton, taking place on earth for people who can not move his legs or arms. or suffering from some medical abnormality energy remaining muscle. To illustrate, shared a video of his invention where we can see both sides of the X1.

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Link: NASA’s ‘Iron Man’ Suit Exoskeleton Helps Astronauts, Paraplegics (Masable)

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