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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Science |

NASA receives a gift two spy satellites like the Hubble

NASA receives a gift two spy satellites like the Hubble

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO for its acronym in English) within the Department of Defense, donated to the satellite technology two equally powerful than Hubble .

Both telescopes have mirrors of 2.4 meters in diameter capable of staying in orbit at 600 kilometers from Earth, where the observations he has made it possible to test the theory of relativity and the expanding universe. It also has a secondary movable mirror to shoot much more specific.

These telescopes were designed initially to carry out surveillance missions in space for the NRO, belonging to one of the 16 spy agencies that exist in the United States, but now were intended for astronomical research.

Moreover, experts mentioned that the do not have the required instruments and cameras for astronomical research carried out by NASA, so the agency should think what the go.

With this “gift” is expected to relaunch its NASA research program, which lately has been affected due to budget cuts caused the backlog of programs such as telescopes WFIRST and James Webb.

The present that NASA has just received are stored in the basement of a warehouse located in Rochester, New York belonging to Exelis, finishing company that built the early ’90s and into the next. The teams could be put into orbit by 2020.

Link: U.S. spy agency NASA Gives two huge secret Hubble-sized telescopes – which Were going to be Pointed AT the Earth (Daily Mail)

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