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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Science |

NASA releases video of landing of Curiosity

NASA releases video of landing of Curiosity

(CC) / JPL-Caltech

One of the chambers is called MARDI (stands for “Mars Descent Imager ‘), and captured 1054 color images during the rover’s landing on Monday. From these images, managed to transmit back to Earth 297 photos (low resolution for now) that combined a stop-motion video gives us an idea of how a machine lands on another planet 900 kilos.

It is understood that the resolution is extremely low, but we’re talking about a two-minute video and a half down on shows how a machine built on this planet who traveled 567 million miles to reach your destination. One can not fail to be struck.

So far MARDI images have a resolution of just 192 x 144 pixels, but as NASA hopes to improve communications, then seek to recover these images at a size of 1600 x 1200. “These pictures will help scientists to better interpret the place where the Rover and its pilots plan to go quite the Martian surface, as well as help engineers design better ways to land on the surface of other worlds” said an expert.

Link: NASA releases video of Curiosity’s colored dramatic descent (The Verge)

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