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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Science |

NASA successfully tests shield anticalor inflatable

NASA successfully tests shield anticalor inflatable

It is no exaggeration but the shuttle heat shields that were at the bottom were the only protection to millions of degrees generated by atmospheric friction and the astronauts, with a plate had a small crack was enough to cause death the crew.

Now no longer used ferries, instead return the rocket science to put the shadow in orbit using capsules that do not have the gigantic dimensions of a ferry.

That’s why NASA is testing a new technology for reentry into the earth: an developed by themselves. The shield in question was able to withstand the friction generated by a hypersonic speed of 7,600 miles per hour, which translates to 12.231 km hours.

How it works A system automatically inflated with nitrogen IRVE-3 (Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment) which in turn expands a type of blanket that forms a kind of fungus about 3 feet in diameter.

The IRVE-3 dropped successfully in the Atlantic Ocean near the North Carolina coast and from the water until it touched off the elapsed time was 20 minutes. This device has been in development for three years and test results are very encouraging.

Link: NASA Successfully Tests Hypersonic Inflatable Heat Shield (NASA)

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